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A Hump to Remember – Part 4

Great job men, you have had a few successful dates and it’s finally time to get the leg over. Now this is not something to be rushed or taking lightly. The first time is the most important as you will be judged by your performance, body and stamina. It is really important to trim down them pubes as nobody likes to eat hair. Give your dick, balls, armpits and face a good scrub with soap as any kind of odour is a turn off, otherwise you won’t even make it to the bedroom.


Ladies are more complex than men we need to be turned on both mentally and physically. You need to be able to get into their heads before you get into their beds. Now let me tell you how to get into their head’s. Ask yourself this, Are you first to call and text all the time? If so then stop. You need to give her a chance to wonder what you are doing, why you ain’t calling her and where you are. She needs to call you sometimes. Be unavailable sometimes, make her want you. Have you confidence? If not then you better go get some as there is nothing more sexy than a man who is confident in himself and know’s what he wants and what he is doing. Confidence comes with experience. You learn by doing, so meet as many ladies you possibly can. If you are only young and don’t have the experience you can always act like you have done it all. Be a little bit cocky, sometimes that will work in the short term, until you get the experience under your belt. Don’t give too much of yourself away be mysterious, leave her wanting to know more. Ladies love to make up different little scenarios in their head’s of who you are and what you could be. (Yes, I told you we are a little bit crazy).


Don’t be going trying to shove your dick in just yet. She’s mentally turned on and she want’s you but you still got to physically turn her on. Your aim is her pleasure before your own and this is for your own benefit trust me. If you can make her cum every time you have sex then she is gonna want to have sex with you all of the time. She will never get bored of cuming. Otherwise imagine this, having sex all the time with your partner and never cuming, or only cuming the odd time. Sound’s crap right? If this is the case a lady will eventually get bored of sex obviously, because it’s just one sided sex. She will stop desiring you. She will stop wanting to have sex with you because she now sees sex as a chore.

Your mission now is to get her as wet as possible before your dick goes anywhere near her. Find out what she likes. Ask her, don’t be a pussy. You could start off by giving her a nice massage, oil her up rubbing every part of her body except her lady bits. Kiss her everywhere with just a little tongue and zero saliva. I know at this stage your tongue is probably hanging out of your mouth and saliva is dripping down your chin but please suck it up and swallow it. Us ladies don’t want to see you looking like an old dirty dog in heat.


What are your finger skill’s like?, you can’t just stick them in and hope for the best there is in fact a knack to this. If you can master it, then you will be labeled a god. Fingers can reach places and go speeds that dicks can only dream of. Do your research. That’s what google if for, find out how to reach these places and master this skill. It will benefit you I promise. Getting your lady to cum before your dick even gets near her, this will definitely take the pressure off your performance.She will be happy with you just pounding her anyway you want to then. Anyhow most ladies can’t cum by just penetrative sex alone. If you don’t know anything about the clit, find out about it’s location and how to turn it on. Did you know that it’s similar to a dick? Yes well it swells when aroused and has double the amount of nerve endings. It is also the only part of the human body that is built purposely for pleasure alone. Get familiar with it, find out what it likes. Try using the tip of your tongue or the tip of your finger and be gentle, you are not trying find away in your simply just enticing it to come out and play. Patience is the key here men as ladies take a lot longer to warm up than you. I know this all probably sounds like a lot of hard work but once you know it and perfect it, your lady will get horny just looking at you because she’s knows what you will be capable of. When it comes to pounding, banging, fucking, whatever you want to call it, it ain’t rocket science. All you have to do is keep that dick hard. If you hear your lady moan or scream then you are doing something right, keep doing it, don’t stop and for fucksake don’t be changing positions. Another thing never ask a lady if she is cuming. You will know when shes cuming if you are doing it right. It obvious. If you are smart enough, when you are finally fucking her right you will notice how all them ladies from your past were faking it, just to get it over with. So men get that research done and get practicing because that first hump is the most important and if you suck at it she ain’t never gonna hump you again. O and don’t forget to wrap up, a clean healthy dick is a lovely dick. Happy humping 🙂


And remember when her pleasure is your pleasure you winning.