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Finding Mr right and avoiding Mr left

I believe there are a few Mr rights we come across in our lifetime but as girls we are too busy getting excited by or trying to fix the Mr lefts and we don’t even notice the Mr rights. By Mr left i mean those guys that might look like an absolute sex god but he is a proper arsehole. These are the guys that leave us not knowing whether or not we are coming or going. So we keep chasing them until we get our heart broken. Why?? Maybe as girls we like the drama or just the fact we want what we can’t have, or deep down we are just not ready to settle down so we go after the pricks. Who knows why we do it, but i have done it for about 7 years and life would have been a little easier if i had of opened my eyes and looked past the superficial stuff. So if like me you was or are a party girl you probably met a Mr left every weekend and thought he was god’s gift. Later finding out that he has a girlfriend and is also texting 20 other girls or is a complete psycho. I am going to tell how to spot a Mr left early on so you can stay the hell away, avoid the pointless drama and bullshit and how to find your Mr right.


Let’s start with the Mr left, (the player) he will excite you, but for all the wrong reasons. You might feel nervous around him or your heart will start to race. This is your body’s way of telling you he’s no good for you. When we are scared or something because it is dangerous we also get the same reaction. When we are in this state we act differently and all of our logic goes out the window. Mr left can spot it a mile, he’s knows he can have you whenever he want’s so you will never be his priority and you will only ever be an option. Mr left will call and text you every now and then, you might even go out on a date but it wont be consistent. You will find yourself waiting by the phone hoping he texts or calls. You might also find yourself double texting him and getting no reply until a few days later when he’s bored. His excuse will more than likely be ‘So busy with work’. You will always find yourself making up excuses for him in your head as to why you have not seen him or he hasn’t called. You will probably always have a great time when you are with him, because he is very experienced in this field. He is dating different girls every night of the week, he knows exactly what you want to hear. But girls please don’t be fooled, buy yourselves a vibrator because these guys will break your heart. Stop waiting on him to change because he may never grow up and could be a player for life.  When a guy really really likes you, he will let you know and you will never be second guessing or making excuses for him. He will chase you and that’s a fact.


Mr left (the psycho) This guy should win an award for best bullshitter. When you just meet and start going out, he will treat you like a princess, wine and dine you, buy you gifts, show you affection like you have never seen it before, he will sweep you off your feet because he will be that o.t.t. and you will have never came across a guy like him before. He will make you think that you are meant for each other.  He will try so hard to win over your family and friends, he might even get them gifts. People may warn you off him but you won’t believe or listen as he is soo nice to you. He will trick you into believing that he is so great and he can keep up this act for a few months or even more. Then one day when he believes that you won’t ever leave him and he has you, that’s when his true colours will start to come out and you will see him for what he really is (A CUNT). He will flip and shout at you for absolutely nothing, it will make zero sense to you. He will try to make you believe that it was your fault. When he does not get his own way he will turn into a demon like creature and you will not believe your eye’s, he is like something possessed (Don’t think that you can fix him). He will try to control you, tell you what to wear, who to be friend’s with, sometimes even what to eat. He will be jealous and possessive. He will always blame you for his psychoness and if you are not strong enough you will start to believe him and this is when you will get proper fucked up yourself. He will suck you dry, taking with him all of your confidence, happiness and general wellbeing. He will change back and forth from the lovely guy to psycho cunt and you won’t know who you are going to be dealing with from one day to the next. As a girl you will probably try to help him or to get him help. PLEASE DON’T. This guy is a lost cause. He will never change. He will be a cunt for life. Run like fuck, the further away the better. As soon as you see any signs of the psychoness leave him immediately. Also when people say he’s a dickhead he most probably is, pay attention!


As for finding Mr right you have to look outside the box and in different boxes altogether. What i mean by that is stop going for what you normally go for because it obviously isn’t working. We all as young girls get caught up by a certain type (look) that we are drawn to and fail to look at what is inside. In the past i have dated guys just because they were hot, we had zero in common, could not hold a conversation and kind of felt awkward around each other. All we had was a purely physical attraction, which is ok if you just want sex. Mr right will probably not be the guy you pictured yourself with. He will be a whole lot better. You just need to throw that certain (type) out the window and look at what could be staring you right in the face. Chances are girls you have probably came across a few decent Mr rights already and just haven’t realised it yet because you are to fixed on a certain type. Give guys that you would never normally go for a chance because you never know what you might find.  Mr right will be like your best friend, you will feel 100% comfortable and calm around him, you can talk to him about anything, you will have loads in common. He will make you feel safe and secure and you will feel at home with him. Your family and friend’s will love him. He will never be too busy to talk or see you. He will make a lot of effort to keep you happy. You will be his number one priority and you will know it. There will be no stress ever. There will be no secrets or lies and you can count on him for anything. So before you go blowing out that guy because he is wearing stupid looking shoes or has weird hair (superficial crap). Just have a wee think for a second that he could be the man of your dreams. Have a chat with him, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.