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Getting that Number Part 2

So men you have finally sorted yourselfs out. You are now looking well, or are you’s? Have you got rid of that beer belly, bulked up a little, eating more healthy foods, cut that hair, trimmed that beard, fixed them teeth, taking daily showers and wearing some cool new clothes? If you answered yes to the following then keep reading if not then go back and read part one.

getting number for a date

Congratulations you have made an effort. You are now looking the best you are gonna look, you have made the most out of what you got and i am proud of you. (If you’re still looking rough at this stage am sorry but you are in fact a lost cause, maybe you should think about becoming a priest or something). Men, you are looking great, polished, groomed and most of all feeling confident. Only now do you have the right to walk up to that woman you fancy and have a chat with her. Or not if you think you know, but if you definitely know that you are now like a 10+ you also have the right to give her a wink and call her over to you, she will be delighted. You have to be 100% on this though guys because there is nothing worse than overly confident guy thinking he’s 10+, when he is only in fact a 3 tops. If you are stuck on this one just ask your guy mates because they will be brutally honest. Or even better send me a pic and i will tell you. Am not saying that there is anything wrong with being a 3 if you have made the most with what you got. It just means you need to put a little extra work in.  You could look like a 3 but your personality could take you to a 10. Also you could look like a 10 but your personality could take you to a 1, in this case am sorry but you will only be good for one nightstands. (Only if you are actually good at sex, if not am sorry but you are in fact another lost cause). So get used of it, fuck as many ladies as you can cause you ain’t never having a meaningful relationship. Unless, perhaps sometime in the future some smart person will invent a personality transplant, only then can you get back in the quest for love.

At last you made it over to your lady, what’s your opening line? If it sounds anything like, Want to come back to mine?, Am a millionaire I own x y and z, or any cheesy chat up lines at all then you need to keep reading. Let’s start with want to come back to mine. If a lady did want to come back to your’s you have just ruined it. All she is thinking now is that your a creep, pervert and you have no respect for her whatsoever. So bin it now, don’t ever use that line to a lady you have just met it is never going to work. I can hear some of you creeps now saying ‘It’s worked for me’, it doesn’t count if the lady is intoxicated as this is a form of rape. This lady does not know what’s going on, leave her alone or put her in a taxi home. Secondly am a millionaire i own x y and z. Any lady worth having does not care what you own plus there is nothing worse than a bragger. Keep this shit to yourself, this will be a bonus if you do connect. Lastly Cheesy chat up lines or sexual chat up lines they are all bullshit. Example, ‘Your dress would look good on my bedroom floor’ ‘Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass’. Seriously guys these are shit don’t ever use them, surely you are smart enough to think of something original.

I will let you all in on a little secret, we ladies don’t really give a shit what you have to say. Not until we are really interested in you. Ladies only want to talk about themselves. Ano it sounds bad but it is true. We want someone who is actually interested in what we have to say. So guys keep it simple ask questions, not questions about the weather or the club, but questions about the lady. Just a few, don’t be getting carried away or she will think you’re a policeman and your interrogating her. Compliment her on her eyes or smile, we all love a compliment. Again just a few, to many and she will think your obsessed. Don’t ask her, Would you like a drink? Ask her what she’s drinking and go fetch one. Splash out, last thing you want her thinking is that you are a tight arse.  If you are not in a pub or club, just ask for her number and tell her you would love to take her on a lovely date. Job done. If she say’s she has a boyfriend then move along to the next one. If she just says no a little persistence may work, some ladies do need a push. We also need you all to become psychic. Sometimes we say no when we mean yes and sometimes we say yes when we mean no. (Yes ladies are a little crazy) This is a skill you will acquire after many interactions with different woman. Try again when you next her or send her a fb message she just might reconsider. Don’t ever beg or appear desperate, this is not sexy, Just enough to show her you are interested. If you fail, when then at least you gave it your best shot, just put it down as practice for the next victim. Don’t be too hard on yourself as some woman are just meant to be left alone and are just not ready for you yet.