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A ladies relationship needs

Relationships require effort and if you are not prepared to put the effort in, then you are wasting your time. Ladies require attention, lots of attention and you better be willing to give her it or she will start looking for it else where.  You need to be able to spend lots of time with your lady and also show her lots of affection to make your relationship work. The saying ‘A happy wife is a happy life’, is so true if you can keep your lady happy then she will definitely keep you sexually happy. So let me tell you how to keep your lady happy while in a relationship.


Really listen to her. This is how you are going to pick up on all the subtle hints she gives you about her needs and desires. Ladies are not straight to the point like men they will beat around the bush and drop subtle hints and just expect you to know how they are feeling and what they want. So men you need to have your ears wide open all of the time and pay great attention otherwise you really need to work on your psychic ability. The only time i will tell you not to listen to her is when she is on or nearly on her period. At this time her head is really fucked up, she hates everyone and everything and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. She will probably say things that she don’t mean and she will seem like she is possessed by an evil spirit, but trust me it is just her hormones. Best thing to do here is to give her some chocolate and a hot water bottle then fuck off. Know men that this is not your fault, mother nature can be mean sometimes and you just need to accept it.


Communicate. Tell your lady everything from what you are feeling to what you are doing to who you are meeting. If you don’t then she will find out anyway and get mad at you. When a lady gets mad it is you that will suffer. She will not have sex with you. A Ladies superpower is her vagina, she will use it against you in every situation. For example, Did you forget to leave the trash out today when she asked you? Yes, vagina will be closed. Did you forget to tell her you are working late? Yes, vagina will be closed. Did you gamble all your money down at the bookies? Yes, vagina will be closed. So men am telling you this for your own benefit: GOOD BEHAVIOUR = OPEN VAGINA, BAD BEHAVIOUR = CLOSED VAGINA it is really that simple. If by any chance your behaviour was good but the vagina will still not open, then there will be a simple explanation for this. She will be either really bloated or really tired. Trust me it will open up soon. It’s way to uncomfortable for a lady to have sex when she is bloated, imagine trying to shove a sausage into a bottle that is already stuffed. It just won’t work, she could even fart on you, not much of a turn on eh. Just wait, she won’t stay bloated for long. You could probably still work your way in there when she is tired but you will probably feel like you are fucking a corpse. You would be better off wanking or just wait until the next morning.


Attention and Affection. A lady needs to be complimented on a daily basis. Even if she is looking like shit, tell her how great her ass looks and what an amazing person she is. She won’t look like shit forever she is probably just having an off day. No matter how long you have been together take her on at least one date night per week, this will give her a chance to get glammed up for you and feel good about herself. She will also like the fact that you are proud to have her on your arm and show the world that she is yours. Take her away from her usual environment a few times per year this will be sure to spice things up. She might buy herself some sexy new lingerie for the occasion and have her wicked way with you, as she will feel appreciated and loved. Hold her hand, give her a cuddle, massage her body, touch her hair and kiss her as much as you can. Note: if she wears hair extensions do not touch her hair and only kiss her mouth when your mouth is nice and fresh. Text her or call her during your lunch break just to let her know you are thinking of her. Sometimes ladies can go crazy in their heads if they have not heard from you in a while. Yes they will be making up all these different crazy scenarios as to why she aint heard from you, and most of the time they will not be good ones. For example ‘He don’t love me anymore’, ‘He’s bored of me’, ‘He’s banging someone else’, or ‘He died in a bad accident’. Ladies are needy, crazy and hard work sometimes, they need to you remind them everyday that everything is and will be ok. And men don’t call her crazy when she is acting crazy because this will make her more crazy, just give her reassurance and her vagina will stay open.


There you have it, Listen, Communicate, give her Attention and Affection and you will never ever get frustrated. A happy lady = A happy man.



If you are abusive (mentally or physically), possessive, perverted, manipulating, jealous or narcissistic, then get out of your relationship now. You are not ready, You must fix the relationship you have with yourself first and go and get some specialist help.