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Motivation for the lazy ass man

Is having a good physique something that you only dream of? Well it does not have to be. Why don’t you let me help you get off your ass and achieve it. All you need to have is the desire. If you have the desire you can achieve anything, but you need to really really desire it. Let’s say you would just ‘like’ a good physique, well this ain’t enough because someone isn’t going to just give it to you. You need to work hard and commit for this shit and just liking it is not enough to make you do so. You need to want it bad enough that you think about it and work towards it every single day. There is no quick fix, you need to invite training and healthy eating into your life for good. It will be a complete lifestyle change, and I guarantee you it will be the best thing you ever do. Are you man enough?

fat man needs fitness

Let’s start with desire because desire comes first. You would like a good physique but how do you make yourself really desire it? Well you need to become a little obsessed with it.

If you have social media then start by adding fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding and powerlifting accounts. This way it will come on your news feed and you will be looking at good physiques every day and learning about nutrition. If you are not a fan of social media buy fitness magazines or check it out on google. The more you look at it and learn about it, the more you will want to achieve it.

Check out fitness ladies, there super hot and they all have the best assets. But are they going to want a lazy ass none fit man? No. If you ever want to pull one of these ladies then you need to get fit before they will even look at you. These hot girls will never be in the pub or the club, but they will be in the gym the park or the pool.

Start to think about all the benefits you will have from getting fit. Example, better mental and physical health, great physique, more energy, confidence, new hobby, new friends, possible fit chick, better complexion, and feeling amazing every single day. Look at yourself naked in the mirror, are you really happy with what you see? No? Then it is time to do something about it.


Gyms are not as scary or intimidating as you think they are. Every man and woman in the gym has started where you are now. Nobody is naturally fit, everyone has to work for it. Gym people are in fact the nicest people you will meet. They know what it’s like to be feeling low hence why they are now fit. They have positive mental attitudes. They are disciplined. They work hard, and they have respect. Never let the big muscle guy’s put you off because they were once in your shoes.

I would strongly suggest hiring a personal trainer when you are just starting out, as you will gain a lot of knowledge on techniques, exercises, equipment and even nutrition. After a while you will then have the confidence to go to the gym alone and do your own workouts. If you can’t afford a personal trainer there is a great app called jefit. You basically pick a body part that you want to train and there are loads of different exercise to choose from, and it shows you exactly how to do it. What you waiting for, just get off your ass and go. Even if you don’t feel like it, just go get it done, push yourself. Do not listen to that voice that’s telling you that you can’t be bothered.
That voice is a lazy prick, he wants you to be a loser. Tell him to fuck up and just go. All you need is one hour out of your day to be on your way of looking and feeling amazing. Do not let the muscle pain the next day put you off it will get easier as you progress.  Now remember this is a process. This will take dedication, time, patience and persistence. You can do it.

Nutrition is key when getting fit. You could be everyday in the gym but if your diet is crap then you ain’t going to get results. I know it ain’t easy to change your diet completely so start off by making small changes and let your body and mind adjust slowly, this way you are more likely to stick with it.  Example swap white bread for brown, swap fried food for grilled, swap chocolate bars for protein bars, swap fizzy drinks for water and make sure you have a protein source at every meal. Read about nutrition and find out what your body really needs. You will start to make better food choices. I recommend downloading fitness pal and logging your food. This will let you know where you are at when it comes to nutrition, calories and macros. And don’t worry everyone has days where they are going to just fall off the wagon, but don’t let this put you off, just hop back on it the next day. If you can be good 80% of the week then you are winning. Have your shitty take away food at the weekend if you really want it, but after a while of eating healthy you might find that your shitty takeaway don’t taste as good as it once did.
Happy fitness men, I will be looking forward to seeing your asses at the gym.