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Nailing That First Date – Part 3

Well done man you got her number, now let me tell you how to use it. Do not ring or text straight away, give it a couple of days to make the lady think about you and why you have not called yet.

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In the meantime think about what you know about her and what she would enjoy doing. You want to leave an impression and give her the most memorable first date. Trust me the effort will pay off. Stay away from pubs, restaurants, clubs and especially cinemas. Everyone goes on dates to the pub, cinema, and restaurants and it’s just down right boring. Plus I also know a lot of ladies who feel uncomfortable eating in front of men. I can hear some of you saying ‘I am too nervous i need to have a drink in me’. Bullshit you don’t need alcohol, you have just been conditioned to think that. Man up and step out of your comfort zone because that is the only way to grow as a human being. You are aiming to be different and you want to stand out from the crowd. Think outside the box. There is a whole lot of fun to be had on a first date. I will give you some examples. If you think she will like the outdoors there are loads of beautiful places to go for walks and picnics. Climb a mountain together. If she likes water you could take her diving, surfing or kayaking. Take her a drive and go visit some landmarks. If she does not seem like the outdoor type there is always plenty of indoor fun including the trampoline park, go-karting, bowling or lazer tag. Adrenaline activities, beautiful places and physical activities are exhilarating. They leave us all in a wonderful headspace. And that is what you are aiming for. When she thinks of you, you want her to think of fun and adventure not the fucking cinema or food.

After about two days have past give her a text asking when she is free for a call. Then call her. Avoid text conversations as much as possible because it’s so easy to pick you guys up wrong, and it’s nearly impossible to say what you mean in a short text. This is also a great time to get to know one another a bit better. Try not to ramble on about yourself too much, you ask the questions and let her do all the rambling. Pay attention because the more you know about her the more easy it’s going to be to get yourself laid.


During your date don’t forget to be a gentleman, open doors for her, tend to her needs and most important make her feel special. You will find out during this time if there is any sort of chemistry and whether or not she is worth pursuing. Watch her body language, is she making eye contact when talking to you, is she smiling and having fun, if so then you are doing well.  When leaving her home I suggest giving her a cuddle and saying something like ‘See you soon then’. Confident yet not sleazy. You want to leave her wanting more as the more you can get a lady to think about you, the better. I would leave the snogging to a later date. If you do decide to go in for the kill, keep your tongue in your mouth. Please do not lick any part of her face or touch her tits as you are on a thin line to pervert territory. Lets face it who want’s to be a pervert? A nice slow subtle kiss and that will be all. Job done.


Maybe, however you could find yourself in a situation where you have a goat on your hands. A goat is a sexually frustrated woman. You will know a goat when you hang out with her, she will be looking at you all day with please fuck me eye’s. When you are saying goodbye she will jump on you like a tonne of bricks and kiss you like there is no tomorrow. Go with it, any hole is a goal right? But beware, do not fall in love with this lady she is only using you for sex. She is not interested in you at all, she just wants your dick. You will probably never see her again. Well unless she gets the horn again a few weeks later and decides to give you a booty call. Men listen up, if a lady sleeps with you on the first night am sorry but she does not give one single fuck about you. If a lady likes you she will want you to have a good opinion on her. She will care what you think and she most definitely won’t want you thinking that she’s a dirty little girl. Even if she really is a dirty little girl, she will be good for you ;).