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Why you should confess if you cheat

So men you have been dating your lady for a while now or maybe you are in a relationship and you suddenly realise that she is not for you. Or maybe you cheated very early on then realised she is for you. What you going to do? Let me help you.  


Don’t cheat as this is the lowest of the lows. Even if you think that she will never find out. She eventually will and she will hate you for it. It will hurt her so deeply and she will struggle to get over it. She may even find it hard to trust men again.

You might contract an STD and pass it on to her. You will have bad karma.You will be labeled as a cheat and no decent woman will want to go anywhere near you. It might even send her a little bit crazy and she could easily fuck up your car, because she knows your car is your number one possession.

The men that she will meet in her future will not stay because they will think she is mental, which she probably is because you made her. She now thinks that every man she meets is going to be an asshole like you. If you want to fuck other girl’s then it’s simple, just dump her first. You are clearly just not that into her and you definitely should not be in a relationship with her. Be a man not a rat.

I hear some of you asking ‘What if i cheated but it was a mistake, i was drunk and i didn’t know what i was doing’ or ‘I cheated at the very beginning of the relationship when i didn’t know where it was going’. In this case men you still need to tell her, she will respect you for it. All though she still might dump your ass, but you can always try to win her back. At least this way there are no secrets and no stress. Ladies have a way of finding out everything, even if it’s 1, 2 or 3 years down the line she will find out, but at this stage things will be much more complicated. So men if you did it, own up to it now and make life easier for you both.   


Don’t pretend that everything is ok. Pretending everything is good when it is not is just plain right stupid. Stop being a pussy, you need to open up and tell her how you are feeling. Even if it’s gonna break her heart or make her cry, she will respect you more for it. The sooner that you can take your balls out of the freezer, the better for both of you. The longer you leave it, the worse it’s gonna get. Communication is key to everything. If you can’t say what you want to say to her face because you are scared of her reaction then you are just a shitebag. Try writing it to her in a letter.

Don’t turn to alcohol, drugs or food. These will never fix your problem. Yes you may get short term satisfaction but in the long run you are fucking up your head and your body. All this will do is add to your problems. You could easily become an alcoholic or a drug addict or just big and fat, all of which not good. It takes a lot of hard work to fix these problems so please don’t even go there.


Don’t go to stripclubs. You will get absolutely no satisfaction from this. Strippers do not want to fuck you or listen to your problems. They only want your money. They will get you drunk and fleece you for everything that you have in your wallet, and if they get hold of your card then you are totally fucked. It does not matter how good looking the stripper is or what she might be whispering in your ear, she does not give one single fuck about you. She wants to get as much money as she can from you then move on to her next victim. Yes strippers take advantage of males and not the other way about. You will leave the club feeling even more lonely, used and ripped off. Plus it’s now going to show up on your bank statement and you might have a bit of explaining to do. You will also be now labelled as a creepy, pervy little man.
All of the above are going to cause you more stress and more problems. If you are not feeling the relationship that you are in, then get out of it. Be a man. Give your lady a chance to find someone who actually wants and appreciates her. Please don’t be selfish and don’t be hanging on to something that you don’t want. Just because you are scared to hurt her feelings or scared that you won’t find someone else or you just simply don’t want anyone else to have her, are NOT valid reasons to stay put. Am sorry but you need to open up and communicate no matter how hard you think it may be. Ladies want to know the truth they don’t want to listen to your sweet talk and bullshit. Tell her like it is, she deserves it, and believe it or not she can take it. She might cry for a few day’s or even a week, but she will get over you no problem, if you tell her the truth. On the other hand if you cheat and lie to her, you may mentally fuck her up for a long time. So please men do the brave thing and speak the truth. You will be a much better person for it and you will have much more luck.